Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dale's Wedding

I went to Utah without my little family to attend my brother's wedding.  It was sad to not have them there but it was soooo nice to have a break from all things mom.  This is the first time I have been without kids for more than a few hours since Mesha was born!
The trip was a lot of fun and a whole lot of crazy.  I miss my siblings like crazy.
Me and Amy.
Touring the conference center.
Jefferson's baptism.
Snap Chat at it's finest!  Sorry Mitch...
The newest Mr. and Mrs. Schvaneveldt!
I may or may not have had something to do with the "decorations" on the newlywed's car...
Dipping my toe into the Great Salt Lake.

Daddy Daughter Dance

Mesha and Sterling went to a Daddy Daughter dance hosted by her school.  It was fun for me to help her do a special hairdo and even put on a little makeup to make the occasion fancy.  It just about broke Anya's heart to not be able to go.  Soon Sterling will have a 3 little girls competing for his attention.  Lucky boy.

Easter 2014

We had a good Easter.  I love these little chicks!

Angry Postman?

My brother's wedding announcement came in the mail a while ago.  Well most of it anyway...
The craziest part about this is it happened AGAIN not to long ago with a check Sterling's mom sent us.  Why doesn't the post office shread some junk mail or a bill or something?  Strange.

And on an unrelated matter, we celebrated Sterling's birthday earlier this month!

Monday, March 24, 2014

It's A Girl!

I think the 10 people that look at this blog already know this.  In case you don't...
It's a girl!

Art Show

Mesha had a piece of her art selected by her school's art teacher to represent the 1st grade of her school in a school district art show.  We went to uptown Charlotte and she got to take a bow on stage and we got to see her art in the gallery!  It was pretty cute and we are very proud of our little artist.
Mesha's picture is the penguin one above her head. 

Mesha's Seventh Birthday!

Mesha had a parrot party for her birthday this year.  She also had her first friend party.  She had 4 friends come over after school.  They did a parrot craft, ate pizza and fruit, and played.  Mesha later said it was her best birthday ever (I think she also said it was her worst at one point too, can you say dramatic?).  Happy birthday to my biggest!